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How to be a Personal Assistant who never forgets!

PA’s have an enormous amount of information swirling around their heads at any time. From major details like key client’s names and important deadlines to the ‘little things’ like the [...]

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The Future Assistant

I am super excited to be talking at the Future Assistant Conference on Thursday 8th February! The Future Assistant Conference is designed to give personal assistants, executive assistants, office managers [...]

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C&C Search Wellbeing!

"The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another" - William James Happy New Year! - albeit a bit late! We are now halfway through [...]

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National Christmas Jumper Day!

It was National Christmas Jumper day on Friday 15th December so we took the opportunity to raise money for the campaign very close to our hearts 'Adrienne's New Groove'. Alongside [...]

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Why (and how) to Motivate your PA

Perhaps you’ve noticed your Personal Assistant has been losing enthusiasm lately. Perhaps they never had much to start with. Or perhaps they’re so good that you fear they might get poached [...]

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