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Lifting Female Founders

At C&C Search we’re super-proud of our ethos of women supporting women. It’s an ethos that our founder, as a passionate advocate of women in business, instilled from the outset. [...]

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C&C Search Events

We’re so looking forward to our September client event! This month, Paulina Sygulska Tenner, Founder at GrantTree, will be sharing how to hire for self-managing teams and people. Paulina gave [...]

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Introducing the C&C Search Interview Masterclass

What makes a great interview? What’s the winning blueprint to selecting, interviewing and recruiting the right candidate for your business? I get asked this all the time by clients and [...]

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Our Co-Founder is Running the Richmond Marathon!

We have been busy raising money through various initiatives for one of the C&C family who had a life changing event happen just under a year ago. Now it is [...]

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The C&C Search App – download now!

We want to make your job search as easy as possible! We know that as support staff, you are always on the go, so what better way to search for [...]

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