We’re so looking forward to our September client event!

This month, Paulina Sygulska Tenner, Founder at GrantTree, will be sharing how to hire for self-managing teams and people. Paulina gave us a sneak preview into her talk and chatted about how she’s grown a business defined by open culture, radical transparency and self-management. We talk shaping thriving workplace cultures, spiritual development and work-life blend. We’d love your comments!


Paulina Sygulska

Tell us about GrantTree

We help companies who bring the future closer to secure government funding. Our purpose is to build a future worth living in, by developing and spreading ways of working that unleash and uphold human aliveness and commercial success simultaneously.


What’s at the essence of your message for this talk later this month?

The future of work isn’t merely coming, it’s already here. Younger workforces are choosing cultures and working environments that treat them as adults, with a sense of mastery and ownership of their work. More experienced employees are ditching traditional, hierarchical, corporate environments and seeking young companies where values are more alive. All this points to a massive yearning, on a global scale, for human potential to be expressed much more directly than it has been so far, using organisational structures we developed back in the industrial era.


And why is this more important than ever when it comes to business’ hiring strategies?

Different individuals have different needs within the workplace and can cope with varying amounts of uncertainty and challenge, so giving and receiving feedback, making a public decision on one’s pay, curating one’s career within the organisation and other challenges stemming from self- management. It’s very important for a business to determine firstly, what level of complexity an individual will need to cope with for a given role, and secondly, how to identify those that will be a good match in terms of culture, and can thrive in your working environment.


As a high performer yourself, what’s the success habit that’s impacted your career the most?

Several things, most of which boil down to trusting myself, developing my intuition, striving for a good balance between the masculine and feminine aspects of my personality, not getting negatively impacted by failures in a lasting way and… good old getting things done!


And, as a female founder, what’s the piece of advice you’d share with other women in business?

Trust the voice within. (I think there’s an Aguilera song that says that, lol!). Develop your capacity to be in tune with it using whatever tools work for you – from community work to meditation or other spiritual development that suits you.


Work-life balance –what’s the secret?

For a true entrepreneur only a work-life blend exists; what you do is an expression of who you are. And the content of that blend changes depending on what phase you are currently in in your life and personal development. It’s important to accept and make the most of both highs and lows in terms of productivity and output. We’re beings of cyclical nature and it’s particularly important to remember that for ambitious female entrepreneurs.


At C&C, personal well-being is a real priority. How do you build this into your day?

Recently, I’ve gotten a magnitude better at paying attention to my body and how the energy flows within it. There’s so much wisdom in our bodies and yet, particularly in the work context, it’s usually the mind that dictates terms. I’m currently going through a big shift to embrace my feminine and to trust it much more than I used to, also when it comes to business decisions. It’s a fascinating process.


What’s the book you recommend to all your friends?

For female entrepreneurs, “Dear Female Founder” curated by Lu Li – and not just because I contributed to it!  Also, “Pussy. A Reclamation” by Regena Thomashauer, a big manifesto on owning our power as women.


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