15 06, 2018

Webinar – The Art of Negotiation

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15 06, 2018

The C&C Search App – download now!

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We want to make your job search as easy as possible! We know that as support staff, you are always on the go, so what better way to search for [...]

7 06, 2018

Finding your Passion & Purpose!

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q88P1sLtfO0 C&C Search Passion Project When historians look back at 2018, they will say it was the Year of the Woman; a moment when powerful women started taking charge. [...]

23 05, 2018

Lotus Award Winners 2018!

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We are thrilled to announce that C&C Search has won a Lotus Award! The Lotus Awards are a unique concept recognising great workplaces by celebrating what makes them unique. 2018 [...]

18 05, 2018

My Work Happy

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Antonia Taylor is a PR guru and runs her business, Antonia Taylor PR, working with some of the most inspirational businesses around – in London and the Thames Valley. After [...]