Prior to the lockdown, the UK jobs market was the strongest it had been for a long while. Whilst lockdown can be concerning, we feel confident that, because of its strong base, that it will ‘bounce back’. However, when this is all over, you will want your CV to be strong, up to date and ready to help you take the next step in your career.

For office support staff, there are a good number of ways to boost your CV during lockdown. You’re in a strong position because your role lends itself to online solutions. Make the most of the opportunity by doing the following 6 things:

1.     Work on your CV itself

The simplest and easiest way to boost your CV is to start with it! As an office worker, such as those in a PA/EA or admin role, your CV needs to demonstrate the very skills you’ll need on the job. It needs to showcase your excellent literacy through clear wording and no mistakes. It should prove that you can communicate succinctly.

Perhaps more than in any other role, your CV itself can act as a demonstration of your ability to do the job.

Now is also your opportunity to bring your CV up-to-date, highlighting your most recent experiences. Take a look at job descriptions, for roles you may consider in the future, and consider what experience you lack. Knowing this experience gap is there, you can then consider how to fill it, perhaps using one of the strategies below.

2.     Take on an opportunity

If you’ve been put on furlough, or you’ve got some extra time on your hands during lockdown, it may be possible for you to take on a temporary opportunity as a Virtual Assistant.

If you are still employed, you will need to check the details of your contract, or speak to your employer, to see if this is permitted.

Working as a Virtual Assistant shows a commitment to your career in difficult times, and a proactive approach. It may also be the way to gain the experience you lack, but need, for your next role.

3.     Do some training

Never has it been so easy to access online training. For those in office support roles, there are a huge number of training opportunities. Identify how you can deepen your knowledge or learn a new skill. Then take a look at training providers such as Udemy , Open Learn, Future Learn and our very own C&C Academy. From improving your communication skills to learning particular software, there is something for everyone.

4.     Sign-up for online events and webinars

There are also a number of chances for you to attend free online events and webinars at the moment. Attending these helps boost your CV in many ways. It shows a genuine interest in your career and industry, as well as showing a proactive approach and commitment to your own development. It can also help you network within your sector.

Facebook is an excellent place to find out about these webinars and virtual events, as is LinkedIn. Follow groups that are relevant to your niche. If you’re not sure where to find something useful, you can sign up to our complimentary online events calendar here.

5.     Use your skills volunteering

Use your time to offer your admin skills in a voluntary capacity. As well as helping the cause, it will help you feel good and boost your CV.

From community support schemes that have popped up due to coronavirus, to longstanding charities that are struggling with staff absence or lack of funds, there are plenty of opportunities out there.

6.     Contribute to the discussion

Get involved with offering your point of view on topics related to your industry or role. This can then be put on your CV as a clear demonstration of your commitment to your career, as well as your ambition and drive.

Maybe write a blog post about your role. Or contribute to a trade magazine. Perhaps you could add an article on LinkedIn, or write an opinion piece in response to a well-known figure in your area.

For office support staff it is possible to boost your CV in a time when you are stuck at home as so much is available online. Keep in touch with us, and we can support you as you develop your CV at this time.

Andrew Fennell is the founder of CV writing advice website StandOut CV – he is a former recruitment consultant and contributes careers advice to websites like Business Insider, The Guardian and FastCompany.