Good Morning!

Here in the UK, it is mental health awareness week and the theme is kindness.

So, I have a challenge for you!

Below you will see 2 lists – ‘Acts of kindness to others’ and ‘Acts of kindness to yourself’. Your Challenge is to choose 2 acts (one from each list) every day this week.


List 1 – Acts of Kindness to Others

Pay someone a compliment, or tell someone that you really value them

Send someone a handwritten letter or card in the mail

Prepare for a family member their favourite meal

Pick up some litter on your daily walk

Write a great review online for a local business

Offer to get some shopping or run an errand for a neighbour

Email someone a ‘voucher’ to offer to babysit or do a practical chore for them

Give a ‘voucher’ to someone in your family

Arrange to donate blood

Smile at more than one person the next time you go out

Plant some seeds

Do the chores even when its someone else’s turn

Make someone, (yourself is fine) Breakfast in bed

Order one of your favourite books online and have it delivered to a friend

Leave a tip for the postie or the refuse collectors, tough jobs right now.

Offer to walk a dog for someone you know is busy or self-isolating.

Leave some seeds out for the birds

Share the recipe for your favourite ‘signature dish’


List 2 – Acts of Kindness to Yourself

Soak in a hot bath with essential oils

Walk-in nature and notice what you see and hear.

Order a small treat for yourself online

Buy a beautiful journal and a new pen

Draw your name in the centre of a heart, and write around it everything that you love about yourself

Write I love you on post-it notes, and stick it to a mirror (other people in the house can think it means them!)

Plan an early night with a great book, and a hot chocolate

Do some simple yoga stretches and thank your body for being able to move.

Make yourself a wonderful cocktail/mocktail for me! or your favourite drink in a lovely glass


I would love for you to share with me what comes up for you!

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