In a world where women struggle to get their voices heard, we want to amplify them and celebrate their stories. Founded by the determined Lucy Chamberlain and consisting of an all-female team, at C&C Search we strive to give our sincere support to other women in business and are passionate about finding new ways to help others achieve their aspirations and build their dreamlife.

With the ever-changing climate, we wanted to take the time to acknowledge the inspirational women that inspire us daily. We’re incredibly excited to share their biggest achievements and empowering stories with you.

Vanessa Vallely – Founder of WeAreTheCity 

Frustrated at how hard it was to find out about upcoming networking events and courses for women, Vanessa created WeAreTheCity in 2008, a free centralised hub of career development resources to help women acquire new skills, build a stronger network and take their careers to the next level. We were honoured to collaborate with Vanessa during our Let’s Flex! event and proud to be sponsoring the 5th edition of her Rising Star Awards, celebrating the achievements of the next generation of future female leaders.

Anna Ward – Founder of Cakedrop

Doesn’t everything feel better after a slice of cake? We couldn’t be more grateful to Anna for coming up with such a clever and mouth-watering idea: Cakedrop connects several independent London bakeries, allowing you to schedule tasty deliveries straight to your office. Her delicious service has provided memorable celebrations to our team for years.

Dannielle Haig – Founder of DH Coaching & Consulting

Combining her psychology and business skills, Dannielle is an inspiring coach and one of Lucy’s dearest friends. She will open our 2020 event schedule with her motivational talk The Art of Building Resilience: centered around the importance of mental health and resilience in the workplace, life and throughout one’s career, Danni’s speeches inspire fellow women in business to believe in themselves and cherish their personal wellbeing.

Alice Scutchey – Founder of The Canary Wharf PA Club

Alice and Lucy have worked closely together at various speaking events throughout the year. A resourceful corporate EA who had just returned from maternity leave, Alice set up a company network in 2017 to reconnect with her colleagues and find her place again in the corporate world. Her idea was met with substantial interest and the network grew incredibly quickly, pushing her to found The Canary Wharf PA Club to help other assistants develop their skills and unlock their full potential. 

Lisa Boissel – Managing Director of Miss Jones PA

Lisa’s mission is to raise awareness regarding the importance of PAs in business, and we’re very excited to have partnered with Miss Jones PA, her successful networking group that provides assistants with lots of stimulating inspiration and practical tips. At C&C Search we now offer our candidates a valuable free membership if they pass the probation period in the roles that we’ve placed them in.

Bonnie Low-Kramen – Co-founder of Ultimate Assistant Training & Consulting Inc

Featured on Forbes, Bonnie is an unstoppable force who provides inspiration, tangible advice and useful resources to help PAs develop their full potential and get paid what they’re really worth. Bonnie and Lucy will be working together in 2020 and we can’t wait to announce more details soon!

Lucy Brazier – Author and CEO of Marcham Publishing

Lucy is the founder of the world’s leading global publication & conferences for Administrative Professionals – Executive Secretary Magazine & Executive Secretary LIVE. Motivational Speaker, Trainer and Facilitator of Administrative Professional Conferences. She is widely considered to be one of the world’s leading authorities on the administrative profession. Lucy and Lucy will be working together in 2020, the details will be announced shortly!


At C&C Search we feel blessed for working with so many motivational women. We’re looking forward to even more collaborations in 2020 and we’ll be sure to share the most valuable insights and inspiring stories with you.