You are in safe hands

Are you living up to your potential? Is your talent recognised? Do you feel valued?

Do you shine?

We know that you are unique and that your talents and abilities make up a very special individual, this is why we’re asking you these questions to help you find a fulfilling career.

A woman with shiny gold glitter cascading out of her cupped hands. She is celebrating success after C&C Search got her a job

You see, you’re just like us…

You want a career, not just a job. We work closely with you to understand you and your ambitions to help you on your path to achieving them and securing employment.
Of course! Your unique talents will be celebrated and utilised as an essential stepping stone in your career progression, because they make you who you are. Your uniqueness will help you stand out in the job search.
You should be! From CV advice to hints and tips on impressing at an interview, we give you all the tools you need to build your confidence throughout the entire recruitment process.
You have goals. We encourage you to focus on your long-term goals which help create a rich and fulfilling career.
And we love unique. Our award winning and innovative approach to recruitment and selection is based on being different and celebrating the individual in each of us.

Support staff are the cogs that drive businesses, without talented people like you, they could not operate. This belief is what fuels our unique approach to recruitment.

Our commitment to you

Taking great care to ensure that we understand all the things that make you individual, whilst placing you in job opportunities where you can be yourself and reach your full career potential.
Sharing our expertise and knowledge with you throughout the entire recruitment process and giving you the tools you need to succeed in your job search ambitions. Committed to equality and diversity.
Dedicated to finding you not simply a job, but a career, in which you can excel. Donating 10% of our profits to Charitable causes, a charity which helps people find meaningful employment.
Our innovative approach to recruitment is ever-evolving and award-winning. We welcome feedback at every stage to ensure that we are always giving you the very best chances at finding your dream job listings.
A crowd celebrating after C&C Search found them all their dream jobs