The C&C Interview Masterclass   

What makes a great interview? What’s the winning blueprint to selecting, interviewing and recruiting the right candidate for your business?

Our founder Lucy Chamberlain gets asked this all the time by clients and friends looking to grow and shape their teams. Not every business has a dedicated, trained HR team, and, even then, reliability of a job interview refers to a level of consistency reached by multiple interviewers assessing the same applicant.

With that in mind, she created the incredibly popular Interview Masterclass, for clients looking to develop their interview strategies and skills. Read on to discover Lucy’s thinking behind the creation of this masterclass.


Refine interview techniques

Lucy’s mission is to help clients really enhance their own interview skills and realign their approach. This involves getting to grips with interview psychology, to develop and implement the right techniques make objective, smart, guided recruitment and selection decisions. Ultimately it means avoiding the costly, time-consuming mistakes that can lead to long-term – negative- consequences with your business.


A roadmap to interview success

The class draws on Lucy’s own professional experience in recruitment, with insights from the 11,000+ interviews she has delivered over my career together with applied empirical research.

Clients can expect to:

  • Reduce recruitment costs and time.
  • Learn tools to identify high-performing people.
  • Remove the temptation of taking a gut feel approach.
  • Gain systems to evaluate and measure technical and interpersonal capabilities.
  • Maximise the potential for successful selection and retention


Take interviews to the next level

An interview is, at its core, a social interaction and exchange of information.  Companies that invest in developing effective, affirming processes appreciate how great interviews can shape their reputation as an employer brand, and improve their chances of bringing the right people into their teams.

In this masterclass, Lucy will be sharing how you can refine your own interview experiences and processes. You will be looking at how to design high-quality interviews, methodologies to engage your interviewee, your role in creating a successful interview as well as securing a diverse workforce.

Did you know that Lucy has delivered this masterclass successfully to a wealth of clients? To find out more about the Interview Masterclass, or enquire about Lucy giving this masterclass to your team, please do get in touch with