Author, Motivational Speaker and Executive Coach Abigail Barnes joins C&C for our November event. Abigail draws on her personal story to encourage senior leaders to minimise overthinking and maximise impact. We caught up with Abigail to give you a sneak preview of her talk and how she got here.

Abigail Barnes

A life changing event set me on this path

A 10 year corporate career in financial services marketing was cut short by a life changing wake-up call when I learnt how valuable our time truly is.

Now I’m on a mission to help others create the life they want. I wrote my first book about Time Management in 2013 and started my new chapter as a business and executive coach and international motivational speaker.

I’m passionate about squeezing the most out of every moment

I’ll share three simple strategies attendees can apply to work and life, to stop procrastinating and become the happiest most productive person they know.

Personal discipline is the success habit that impacts my career the most

Personal discipline has had the biggest impact on the success I experienced in my first and now second career. Everything I do on a daily basis is primarily to live up to my values and deliver on my commitments and responsibilities.

We need to step into our leadership roles

As female leaders, we need to step into our leadership roles. It’s about being courageous enough to walk your path and show others the way, encourage them to walk with you but don’t carry them. You’ll never be on your own for long, trust the process and your intuition the voices of doubt, guilt and uncertainty will fade with every step you take.

The secret to work-life balance is choice

The BIGGEST secret is choice, in every moment of every day you are choosing where to spend your 24 hours. Make conscious decisions about what you spend your time doing, who you spend it with, and what help you ask for. Become experimental with how you allocate your time, until you find a formula that works for you.

I prioritise well-being every day

I work out 5-6 days a week. Prioritising my well-being on a daily basis is one of my core values and it’s great for my mental health too. Your health is your wealth, you only get one body, you can’t trade it in for an upgrade!


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