The Art of Building Resilience with Dannielle Haig

We’re thrilled to confirm that long-time friend of C&C Search, Dannielle Haig, will be leading our next breakfast event on 17th April 2019.  As a human development specialist, Danni will guide us through how we build resilience in our day to day. She shared some insights into our talk with us here:

Dannielle Haig

Danni, tell us about yourself…

I am a business psychologist, a business coach and a therapist. In the simplest of terms, the purpose at the heart of DH Coaching & Consulting, is to improve the way we work and to provide people with the skills to navigate the working world in order to achieve their potential.

What’s at the essence of your message for this talk?

The essence of my talk centres on the importance of mental strength and resilience in the workplace and throughout one’s career and how to start honing it. To believe in yourself and know your value is fundamental to mental health and well-being.

And why is this more important than ever when it comes to business’ hiring strategies?

For hiring strategies specifically, I would say that looking for staff who are resilient, who have high confidence and stress management skills will be a bonus for your business.

As a high performer yourself, what’s the success habit that’s impacted your career the most?

For me, the thought of letting myself down and not fulfilling my personal potential is my career driver. With that in mind I make sure I achieve something each day; some days that’s nailing a contract and other days it’s reading a few chapters of a good book. Evolution comes about in all shapes and sizes…a new client is excellent however, what if that chapter of a book provides me with the inspiration for a whole new business that changes the world (or my world)?!

And, as a female founder, what’s the piece of advice you’d share with other women in business?

Don’t doubt yourself – if you want to do it then just DO it! Get started and iron out the details as you go along.

From my experience of coaching women, as a sex, we doubt ourselves so unnecessarily. I can’t imagine what the world would be like if women had the innate confidence that men seem to have #BelieveAndAchieve

Work-life balance –what’s the secret?

This takes time; our lives are always changing shape and the balance can easily weigh one way or the other. The most important thing is self-awareness…are you feeling drained? Are you putting yourself and your needs at the bottom of the list? If so, you need to make change, a favourite DH quote “nothing changes if nothing changes” so be bold, don’t give away your power and take your life into your own hands.

At C&C, personal well-being is a real priority. How do you build this into your day?

Personal well-being is the main priority for myself, my clients and my staff. I live and breathe everything mental health – I build it into my day with self-awareness. I am constantly aware of my feelings and behaviours (a result of years of training); if something is off, I need to analyse and adjust. Do I need a break? Do I need a kick up the a**e? Do I need to talk something through with my therapist?

Self-reflection is the key combined with the confidence and commitment to do something about it.

What’s the book you recommend to all your friends?

My recommendations really vary person-to-person. At the moment I am loving anything by Nassim Nicholas Taleb, in my opinion one of our most compelling contemporary Philosophers and writers (Black Swan, Antifragile etc.)

I am also currently working through Carlo Rovelli’s suite of books around Quantum Gravity and the Universe.

Finally, I always always recommend Grit by Angela Duckworth, such a great book for me. Whenever I am feeling unmotivated, I visualise the book on my shelf and it gets me going.

I think reading anything is good, reading something that stretches your mind is even better.


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