As HR professionals, understanding how we can encourage and nurture confidence in our people is essential. How can we better understand how to support those that are seemingly low in confidence to help them become their best selves – personally and professionally?

This month, C&C Search is delighted to welcome Lubna Gem Arielle to our 17th October seminar, sharing how to grow Confidence Seeds. As a facilitator, executive coach and speaker, Lubna, helps professionals build impactful relationships with clients and colleagues.

We caught up with Lubna on building confidence, work-life balance and mindfulness.

Lubna Gem Arielle

What you do and what’s the purpose at the heart of your business?

I’m a facilitator and executive coach.  The heart of my business is connection, enabling my clients to connect to their own power and purpose and build successful relationships with clients and colleagues.


Whats at the essence of your message for this talk?

Confidence enables us to reach for our dreams and goals, professionally and personally – and we can learn how to project and embody confidence.


And why is this more important than ever when it comes to businesshiring strategies?

Many organisations put staff engagement and wellbeing on their agenda. The burning question is how to achieve these. Developing behavioural skills, so that individuals can grow into their best selves and bring that to work is key.  When it comes to confidence, our levels are often tied to making a professional impact. For those early on in their confidence journey, it can even be about having a voice at all.

Developing confidence can make a huge difference in enabling employees to realise their full potential, and unlocking their latent talent.


As a high performer yourself, can you share the success habit thats impacted your career the most?

Meditation is my foundational habit, as everything else stems from that. I’ve had a meditation practice for over 30 years. Science is only just catching up with recognising the the benefits it brings such as increased awareness. Being a meditator has enabled me to step back, observe what happens and not take things personally!

To me, it’s related to another ‘success habit’ – having a growth mindset and seeing disappointments as opportunities for growth as well as being solutions-orientated rather than getting weighed  down by what appear to be problems.


And, as a female founder, whats the piece of advice youd share with other women in business?

Know your own vision, values and priorities and use these to measure your success.  We all have our own individual journey and it’s worth honoring this rather than comparing ourselves with others, which is the best short-cut to misery.


Work-life balance –tell us the secret.

 Being fluid in what this means.  Rather than work-life, I prefer to think about balancing mental, emotional and physical energy and looking at what activities energise, which deplete us and where and when we can realistically replenish ourselves.  For example, on the face of it a demanding corporate job might be seen in the ‘work’ part of the equation and yet, many parts of it are often energising, even nourishing. In addition, it’s usually possible to build in wellbeing strategies throughout the day.


At C&C, personal well-being is a real priority. How do you build this into your day?

I’ve meditated since I was 19 and continued to explore personal development and wellbeing practices ever since. They’ve become a natural part of my day, as much as eating or sleeping. When my schedule is flat-out, or when I’m working with clients who are ‘too busy’, I include ‘micro-dailies’. These are at least 2-3 minutes meditation in the morning plus 30-60 seconds of balancing,  additional moments of breath-work and I always end the day with gratitude, noting three good things that happened in the day in my journal, or very occasionally, making at least a mental note.


A saving grace I recommend as it is easy to incorporate into the day is to practice mindfulness in its widest sense as an awareness of the present moment. This enables us to take mindful moments throughout the day, adding instant boosts, which cumulatively can be very restorative. This means being aware of your senses and engaging in what you’re doing, your senses and surroundings- rather than having your body in one place and your mind somewhere else. So for example, it could be quite literally taking 30 seconds to smell the roses – instead of walking past them while worrying about a meeting or frantically checking a mobile phone.


Whats the book you recommend to all your friends?

My favourite book is ‘The Gift’ – a collection of poetry by the Sufi poet, Hafiz. It’s timeless, nourishing and inspiring. Beautiful just for enjoyment or as part of a reflective practice.


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