How to be a super-human productivity machine

Nick Elvery has overcome a decade of hard drug and alcohol addiction to become a peak performance coach,  sought-after speaker and podcast host.  His experience gave him the insight into just what it takes to create lasting change and build habits that stand the test of time.

He joins C&C’s breakfast session next week to share how to create habits that drive productivity in all areas of our lives.


Lasting habit changes are the key to improving your life

Coming out the other side of 12 years of hard drug and alcohol addiction taught me how to make lasting habit change, which is the key for improving anyone’s life. Combine this with an obsession with human potential and the loss of my father to poor health, it’s the reason and why I do what I do. I help people making lasting habit change in health and performance so their children/familes don’t have to go through the same things I did.


We can all live a life we love

My talk focuses on how to be super productive coming from an angle that most don’t think of. I’m passionate about helping people live with more focus energy and productivity so they can live the life they love.


The success habit that’s impacted my career the most is …

Tenacity. It always is and always will be tenacity.


The secret to work-life balance is …

Focus, knowing your values and building a life that centres around the things that matter to you.


The self-care tip I swear by is sleep

Master sleep and everything else will fall in to place so much easier. I’ll be sharing loads of great hacks for sleep on the day.


The book I recommend to friends is …

Sleep Smarter by Shawn Stevenson is one of the few books I recommend most people.


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