It’s no secret that people who take time out of the workplace, suffer discrimination upon returning to work.

New research by PWC, Women Returners and the 30% Club says that two-thirds of female professionals end up working below their potential when they return to work following career breaks.

They estimate that out of the 427,000 women in the UK on a career break, around 249,000 are likely to enter lower-skilled roles when they return to work.

A further 29,000 women are forced to work fewer hours than they want due to a lack of flexible working whilst the 456,000 single Father’s in the UK also suffer from the same discrimination.

These people can end up experiencing a 12-32 per cent reduction in hourly earnings – or an average £4,000 per year.

That being said, flexible working is not just for parents, it’s for people. People with mental health issues, people with caring responsibilities, people living with disabilities.

The C&C Search team believe that the responsibility to drive change in this area lies with us in recruitment and HR, and whilst we have seen a development in return-to-work schemes over the last 18 months, there’s so much more we can do!

C&C Flex Pledge Campaign

The C&C Flex Pledge Campaign started from our Founders’ personal experience of interviewing thousands of individuals who had taken career breaks from their corporate careers and struggled when looking for a route back to fulfilling work.

As a business, we are strongly motivated to support returners to re-establish satisfying careers, and to help these returners to move forward confidently.

Our aim is to work with our clients who share similar ideals, to create more flexible career paths and remove the stigma associated with career/CV gaps.

Join us and take the C&C Flex Pledge.

By taking the C&C Flex Pledge you are agreeing to offer flexible working, in any shape or form possible for your business – whether that’s enabling someone to start and finish just 15 minutes earlier, in order for them to do the school pick up or introducing the option to go part-time – there are numerous solutions that businesses can offer without business being affected negatively.

In fact, it produces quite the opposite!

Over the course of this campaign we are going to host round-table discussions, feature guest blogs, bring to light the fantastic campaigns surrounding this subject that already exist whilst sharing our findings and recommendations in order to hopefully see a significant decrease in the percentage of the population who are affected by the stigma attached with flexible working.

If you would like to get involved in any way or have your say please get in touch!