C&C Search is thrilled to host our first PA Hub event, next Wednesday, 16th January. In today’s business world, we very rarely luck into things. And for ambitious, talented PAs, this means actively seeking out how to build careers with purpose. The C&C PA Hub is a community of like-minded, passionate PA’s, EA’s and support teams, passionate about learning, building a meaningful network and being in a growth environment – professionally and personally.

Our launch event sees founder Lucy Chamberlain share how, as a PA, you have the opportunity to be game-changer in your business. It’s about getting out of your own way and creating successful habits that support you in the office and beyond.

Lucy will take us through the key steps to:

Know your why
How can you take ownership of your game-changing role? It’s so easy to get caught up in the day-to-day to-dos, we forget to take a step back and think about our bigger picture career goals. Lucy will talk through how to understand the purpose-led questions need to map out your career priorities.

Know your worth
Knowing your worth is as much about how you treat yourself as others do.  We’ll look at how becoming the best version of yourself powers your self-belief, and fuels your role.

Build the right support network

A supportive, thriving network within your workplace can be transformative to your career.  Intentionally nurturing the right relationships, and building your tribe, is about matching your ethos, values and skills with your people, to take charge of your career. Lucy will share just how to do this.

For PAs, knowing yourself is a superpower. The PA Hub will help our growing PA community  get clear on our goals, deliver more value and reach that next level of success as a game changer.

For more information please get in touch! Email sophie@candcsearch.co.uk