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Burn Bright Not Out with Wendy McCallum

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26 February 2024 12:30-13:30 VirtualRegister for Event
​Burn Bright Not Out

Prevent burnout, understand the early signs & manage yourself to ensure you burn bright in the workplace. Start living your best life/career.

Wendy McCallum is a burnout and sleep expert in the UK, as well as a Senior HR Professional and Coaching Psychologist in Nedbank Private Wealth International.

Wendy has had a successful HR career in large corporations like Accenture, Cisco, and Barclays before retraining as a psychologist to improve her HR and change management skills.

Wendy has been conducting research on sleep, nutrition, and anxiety (all key elements of burnout) for over 5 years and understands what causes it and how to prevent it.

Despite having high levels of grit and resilience, people have tried to bully or play psychological games with Wendy, and she has found a way to prevent this. Wendy has sometimes played along with the psychological games that people play to learn every element of the game so she can show you how to stop burnout.

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