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When historians look back at 2018, they will say it was the Year of the Woman; a moment when powerful women started taking charge.

Powerful women have built businesses, created political accords, fostered change, and stood up for the rights of the oppressed, winning awards and accolades in the process.

In short, these powerful, motivational, and inspirational women are here to help to help you to find your best you!

On Tuesday 5th June we held our annual Passion Project event at London’s coolest blow dry salon Duck & Dry

We want to hold up women in business who can excite and inspire other women looking for life or business hacks from role models.

The aim is to pique curiosity in others and spur energy for personal, career or business development.

We are all about fostering well-being by doing something that lights others up.

Our event was sponsored by an incredible array of brands that we have worked with, some of course are female founded businesses!

A huge thank you to Elemis, Potage, Ape Snacks, The Allegory, Nutmad, Duck & Dry, Wick & Tallow, Cakedrop, Fuse Tea & Player Bakes.

Speaker Profiles:

Charly Lester is the Founder and CEO of The Dating Awards, an international set of industry awards for online and offline dating companies. Over the past four years she has established the UK Dating Awards, European Dating Awards and US Dating Awards. In 2017, Charly co-founded A League of Her Own, an online learning platform and membership site for female entrepreneurs and women with business ideas. She is the author of the book ‘The Female Entrepreneur’ and hosts two podcasts.


Lallie Fraser founded Polka Dot Elephant in 2016 after working for one of the most reputable luxury travel PR agencies in London, leading a team that launched some of the world’s most iconic hotels, as well as spending time at a national newspaper. She understands what it is like to be on either side of the PR coin and what it takes to create a juicy story.

Dannielle Haig is a Business Psychologist, Business Coach and Psychodynamic Therapist who runs her own consultancy, DH Coaching & Consulting; working with organisations and individuals to enhance careers, profitability, resilience, engagement, health and well-being. Danni’s personal Passion Project began with herself; how her journey of self-discovery, honesty and vulnerability led to mental strength, resilience and success which she now uses to help others achieve the same.

Sarah Bennett-Nash is an entrepreneur, success coach and business mentor, dedicated to helping women create a business and life they love. Having spent over a decade working 80-hour weeks in finance, she is committed to helping women around the world realize another way to achieve success on their own terms.