C&C Search round-tables are designed for HR leaders to meet and discuss both strategic and practical ways to impact our businesses, share best practice and share a sense of community and support among HR professionals.

We recently hosted two round-table events to discuss the topic: How do we solve the return-to-work dilemma?

Topics covered were:

  • Why is focusing on return-to-work professionals so critical?
  • What does creating an experience that works for an individual returning to work actually entail?
  • Are ‘Return to Work’ programme’s the answer?
  • How do we change attitudes to a gap on a CV?
  • How do we shift internal cultural attitudes to working parents?
  • How do we overcome logistical barriers (finding the right working pattern and childcare arrangements), professional hurdles (refreshing skills) and personal (confidence, and image)
  • Who is doing this well that we can learn from?

We will be publishing a full findings document to follow up but in the mean time here are a few of the easiest key takeaways which business can implement now, for free!

  • Maintain communication with the employee who is off work with business updates, system changes, desk plans & new team members.
  • Offer ‘Keep in Touch’ days.
  • Clear written communication about the options available to returners, whether that’s working from home for 1 day a week or changing a shift pattern to suit upon their return.
  • Sitting down with the employee before they leave to ask what they need in terms of support from the business so that it can be considered and will be appropriate to that individual.
  • Hold lunch and learn sessions on maternity/paternity/career breaks to raise profile of any challenges and open the conversation to all employees discuss together. Helps with cultural shift and attitude from all team members.

If you would like to get involved in any way or have your say please get in touch! sophie@candcsearch.co.uk