How would it feel to boost your life and career by enhancing focus and creativity whilst reducing stress, anxiety and insomnia? Soon, you won’t need to wonder, anymore! We’re excited to collaborate with meditation expert Laura Coleman to bring you How to Tame the Mind on 11th March, a free life-changing event part of our exclusive PA Innovation Hub

Helping overwhelmed PAs find balance

If you ever feel that your life is spiralling out of control and going too fast for you to actually be in charge of it, you’re not alone. Even when people seem happy and successful from the outside, their inner reality is often different, especially in a professional environment. As found by the Mental Health Foundation, one in eight UK employees struggle with mental illness in the workplace. Warning signs such as feeling overwhelmed, stuck, constantly tired, unable to sleep and out of control are important reminders that we should look after our brains in the same way we take care of our bodies and physical health. How? By retraining them through meditation!

This highly-beneficial regular practice acts like a workout for your brain and mind: if done correctly, it can help you reduce anxiety and stress, making room for creativity, resilience and wellbeing, both at your workplace and in your daily life. How to Tame the Mind will be a game-changing event, offering you the tools to reduce stress, feel in control of your life, and experience a reassuring sense of calm and balance. Let us tell you a bit more about our fantastic speaker!

Laura Coleman – Founder of Be.modern Meditation

Laura’s mission is to make meditation ‘attainable, accessible and rewarding for everyone,’ especially those who think they don’t have time for it. After all, she admits to finding herself in the same situation, in the past: after realising how drained and stressed her ‘successful’ life made her feel, she made a drastic change when discovering meditation.

Laura studied Psychology and Mindfulness at Monash University, trained as a meditation teacher and specialised in Acceptance Commitment Therapy. She then went on to found Be.modern Meditation in order to help those who feel the same way she did. This also allowed her to understand the importance of redefining your own concept of success and happiness, which is one of the themes she’ll tackle during our How to Tame the Mind event.

In order to help you get to know her better and get a taste of what you can expect, we’ve asked Laura a few questions.

Can you sum up what you do in one sentence?

‘I help people tame their minds and live their best life using modern meditation.’

What’s the biggest risk you’ve taken that’s paid off?

‘Founding my business! People have misconceptions about what meditation is. I knew that I needed to invest in creating a strong brand with a clear message so I could cut through the noise, simplify it and make a difference. Now I get to impact thousands of people to experience stress differently and work deeply with those who are ready. It’s life-changing and the risk has paid off.’

What’s the essence of the message for this talk?

‘This is an interactive and engaging talk that will give you a science-based toolkit to use in your life. It will cover the science of meditation, how and why it works, and provide you with simple techniques that you can use straight away, no matter what your life looks like or what it throws at you. You’ll be empowered to train your mind for less stress, more calm and improved happiness. In fact, even attending this one session will change your brain.’

As a female founder, what’s the piece of advice you would share with other women in business?

‘Creating mental space to see what’s really happening gives you a superpower to change your life. Making your mindset a priority is fundamental to success!’

What book would you recommend to anyone?

‘The Big Leap, by Gay Hendricks. It inspired me to focus on my zone of genius and never give up.’

We bet you can already see why Laura is the perfect person to deliver this talk, and we can’t wait for her to share her valuable expertise with all of you.

Because of the very nature of the job, PAs and EAs are always expected to be multitasking, impeccably organised and constantly active. Whilst it’s dynamic and positively challenging, it can also be overwhelming and stressful, in the long run. Don’t let this affect your wellbeing and, most importantly, stop bringing work-related stress home with you when you leave the office. The response to this event has been absolutely incredible, and as a result it is currently sold out. If you would like to be placed on the waiting list then please get in touch with our Events Coordinator Emily by emailing 

This free event takes place on 11th March at Finsbury House from 6.30 pm, but you can meet us at 6 pm to enjoy some drinks, nibbles and valuable networking opportunities. 

Let’s gain back control of our lives and minds together!

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