In celebration of the C&C Search Flex Pledge Campaign and National Work Life Week, we are hosting an exclusive event with our most high-profile panel to date. The event is titled: ‘Let’s Flex!’

Our inspirational panel of leaders – hosted by Lucy Chamberlain, Founder of C&C Search – will share their stories around redefining traditional working patterns and how embracing flexible working can create a happier and healthier workforce.

We’re so excited to announce Anna Whitehouse, Sunday Times Bestselling Author, Heart Radio Presenter & Founder of Mother Pukka as our first panellist for ‘Let’s Flex!’

Journalist, editor, mother and voice of those who just happen to be parents – Anna Whitehouse is the honest, always well informed and forever hilarious voice of Mother Pukka; a platform created to share the trials and tribulations of parenthood and beyond. Having written for the likes of Marie Claire, Stylist, The Telegraph and former Vice Editor for Time Out Magazine Amsterdam – Anna is a force to be reckoned with not just within the parenting space but for anyone who has a penchant for honest accounts of how to navigate your way through life with wit and purpose. 

Through her nationwide #FlexAppeal initiative, Anna wants flexible working for all. Campaigning to make flex offerings in the workplace a legal requirement, where employees are encouraged to ask for it and employers willing to give. 

We introduce Anna with our quickfire questions below:

Can you tell us a little about yourself?

I’m a mum, a campaigner and own 69 LP records including Bananarama’s Love In The First Degree

What does flexible working mean to you?

Choice. It’s about choice of where and when you work to promote productivity in business. It’s about putting humans above business but for business benefit.

When it comes to flexible working what is your message to employers?

To try it. If you fear trying it, do a trial period. Measure it, don’t simply say no through fear.

How do we change the attitudes that continue to prevail against flexible working?

To show positive examples of it working. Like at Pursuit Marketing where they doubled profits in two years. You can’t argue with facts.

What inspires you?

My Dad. He worked flexibly and was there at 3.15pm every day after school.

What’s next for you?

Launching a 30-year-plan for Flex Appeal that will change the workforce for our daughters. Watch this space.


This event is strictly invitation only for HR professionals and will be held at the brand new Morton Society on Thursday 10th October 2019.

For more information on how you can attend please get in touch: