C&C Search are thrilled to announce that our inspiring founder, Lucy Chamberlain, was chosen as the Most Engaging Speaker at this year’s Female Speakers Conference & Awards!

This day-long intensive conference took place on 11th October at the Camden Town Holiday Inn. It was organised by proactive entrepreneurs Annik Petrou, founder of the public speaking training academy Speaker Express, and Lovelda Vincenzi, international master of ceremonies and creator of the World Class Female Speakers academy and group.

It probably won’t come as a shock that women have been struggling to make their voices heard throughout history and this problem is still relevant in today’s society. Annik and Lovelda worked together to tackle this problem and dedicated the event to filling the stage with women’s voice.

While this is only its second year, the Female Speakers Conference & Awards has already grown in popularity: candidates from over 11 countries applied and had to be shortlisted by the event’s judges following a rigorous point system. We were incredibly proud of Lucy for being chosen to share her story and business approach along with 12 other inspirational speakers, giving her the opportunity to bring the ethos and ideas of C&C Search onto the stage.

Thanks to the two organisers and the diverse panel, the Female Speakers Conference & Awards was a gold mine for industry insights to help the attendees understand what type of speakers they are and how to identify their most profitable rewards. We also learnt how to create a great speaker profile and what common mistakes we should avoid, from marketing to branding to sales. In a world where bookers and agents struggle to find female speakers, the two enthusiastic organisers talked about how to stand out and secure speaking gigs. Most of all, they encouraged us to use our voice to spread positivity and grow our business!

We also enjoyed meeting these inspiring women who have been setting new standards and constantly innovating across different fields. We were very proud to see Lucy on that stage too and see her hard work and passion being acknowledged through the Most Engaging Speaker award. She shared her unique background with the charisma that reflects how, throughout her 20 years of expertise, she has always managed to turn challenges into opportunities. Despite all the hard work, she has never forgotten the importance of self care and a balanced work and life approach, which she has embedded into the very core of C&C Search’s ethos and culture. This is perfectly reflected by our mission and campaign to promote flexibility at the workplace, encouraging companies to take our Flex Pledge

“If I had one wish for my daughter, who will soon be going into her teens, it would be that she can make herself heard,” said Lucy. “My hope is that this award will inspire her to use her voice.”

Lucy’s speech and the valuable insights shared by the other panelists at Annik and Lovelda’s bustling event were an important reminder of the power of spoken word and of how we, as a recruitment agency and leaders, can use it to inspire, motivate and change things for the better.