20 11, 2018

C&C Search Temp Awards 2018

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Mrs Fogg's Maritime Club and Distillery Last Wednesday we hosted our most successful temp event to date, the 2018 C&C Search Temp Awards! A massive thank you to everyone that [...]

16 11, 2018

Announcing our new charity partnership!

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C&C is delighted to partner with Smart Works, the national charity that helps vulnerable women with high quality interview clothing and coaching to set them up for interview success. With [...]

30 10, 2018

C&C Search Events – Abigail Barnes

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Author, Motivational Speaker and Executive Coach Abigail Barnes joins C&C for our November event. Abigail draws on her personal story to encourage senior leaders to minimise overthinking and maximise impact. [...]

12 10, 2018

Interviewing Masterclass – Scene Setting for Hiring Success

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How do you set the scene for an interview that really delivers? As an interviewer you want to ensure you’re assessing your candidate’s fit for your business, while letting them [...]

9 10, 2018

C&C Search Events – Lubna Gem Arielle

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As HR professionals, understanding how we can encourage and nurture confidence in our people is essential. How can we better understand how to support those that are seemingly low in [...]