We were incredibly proud and delighted to hear that our inspiring founder Lucy Chamberlain was invited as a guest to The School for Mothers Podcast. Her episode, entitled REACH, aired on 29th January, and was the perfect opportunity to discuss the challenges faced by ambitious women in business, why society is intimidated by them, and what to do to ignore other people’s judgement and develop your full potential anyway.

The School for Mothers Podcast

This company’s motto and mission is ‘Reforging motherhood to make room for more.’ Danusia Malina-Derben has been working hard to challenge the preconception that a mother should put her dreams and career aside. We believe she is the best person to understand the importance of nurturing your value as a woman even after giving birth: not only is she the founder and CEO of School for Mothers, but she’s also a mother of ten herself. Danusia has been helping lots of other parents cultivate their passions, careers and ambitions, getting rid of the guilt that society pressures them into feeling. She is a popular and engaging motivational speaker, but still finds the time to host this thought-provoking podcast.

Lucy’s contribution

During the REACH episode, Lucy and Danusia exchanged an honest conversation on the topic of reaching your full potential as a mother and woman in business. Drawing from personal experience, private life and her successful 20-year career, Lucy talked about the importance of being your true self instead of hiding your ambitions.

“For me, REACH is about my fullest self being able to show up in every single area of my life, unapologetically,” she announced.

Lucy finds that ambition is still considered a dirty word for women, even in modern times: not only did she use to be bullied and labelled as bossy for showcasing unique aspirations as a child, but she realised that many men could be intimidated by strong, intellectually-stimulating women.

These types of experiences can lead ambitious female professionals to feel like they don’t fit in or, worse, that they don’t deserve their success. It seems that, if they casually shake it off as being ‘just luck’, it can be more easily accepted by society. But a woman who’s desired ambition, designed her career, and built her empire? How unfeminine! That’s also why women can experience a 30-40% drop in confidence compared to men when finding themselves in groups: it’s not rare to see resourceful women presenting their own ideas as someone else’s, like Lucy used to do, in order to dim their ambition in front of the other people involved in the meeting and feel safer.

Lucy no longer makes that mistake. After overcoming some tough times and challenges and coming out of them stronger than ever, she encourages her all-female team at C&C Search to always be their unapologetic selves and stand up for their ideas. 

In this stimulating conversation, Danusia and Lucy dismantled the common belief that kindness and care cannot coexist with ambition. They encouraged all listeners to surround themselves with ambitious people on a mission and those with whom they can be their true selves proudly. 

Nothing, including motherhood and other people’s opinion, should stop a woman from reaching higher, for bigger and better.

We invite you to help us redefine society’s preconception on motherhood and ambition for women, becoming part of the change. You can listen to Lucy and Danusia’s conversation here