C&C Founder, Lucy, was interviewed by fellow female Founder, Fi, of She Can. She Did.

Through a combination of blog posts, interviews and events, She can. She did. aims to put the spotlight on young women who have dared to go solo and start their own businesses in the UK. From independent bakers and florists to farmers and designers, plus the weird, wacky and wonderful jobs in between, each female founder has their own unique story to tell about the trials and tribulations of setting up their own business!

Fi, Founder of She Can. She Did.

“It’s so easy to look at someone who founded a multi-million pound company and think to yourself, ‘isn’t she lucky?’ but the key to their success – more often than not – boils down to their unwavering hard work.

Meet Lucy Chamberlain, the vivacious Founder of @ccsearch

From feeling exposed and vulnerable when she first launched knowing that ex colleagues and clients were watching her every move; the crushing wave of anxiety that hit her on day one when she realised the magnitude of what she’d embarked upon; the sheer intensity of the hours she put in during the first 18 months (and the toll that took on her family life, social life and mental state at times too); to learning to fall back in love with the business last year which at times has felt like her boss along the way; her story reveals just how gruelling the early days of launching a multi-million pound company can be and the relentless pressure that presents itself when you’re in charge.

Opting to lead from her heart instead of her head (and what that has meant for her business along the way), she’s a business woman determined to do things differently and for that reason, her company stands out from the crowd.

(She’s also one of the most well-read women I know so for the book worms out there, get ready for some recommendations!)

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