See what our previous candidates and clients have to say about us as a recruitment agency and how our recruitment process, which focuses on building authentic relationships, helps our clients to fill job vacancies with excellent candidates. We ensure our candidates gain fulfilling employment opportunities and careers.

“I just wanted to say thank you very much for the chocolate brownies you sent yesterday! It was a very nice touch and they were gorgeous!!

Job going really well, I’m truly loving it so feeling extremely happy.”

Thank you and your team again for everything, you’ve been great.

“Although I have decided to stay in my current role, I do really appreciate all the help you offered me when I was looking – you and C&C Search were by far the most helpful! I will be sure to get back in contact in August.”
“Absolutely stellar agency, personally I think the best in London. The team were fantastic (special thanks to Bianca) and the aftercare was such a lovely touch!”
“I couldn’t recommend CandC Search highly enough! Lucy and the team regularly kept me updated with jobs that were aligned with my requirements and were super efficient! I was really impressed with the support given throughout my application process and couldn’t thank them enough for finding me my new job.”
“I wanted to add that you guys have been outstanding and always around to answer my (many) questions and I wanted to thank you for finding me the role to start with and getting me an interview from my own experience I know that is 90% of the battle. I will recommend anyone I can!”
“Lucy was tasked with finding us an Executive Assistant which she did efficiently and effectively. We were keen to get a good quality field of candidates to choose from and Lucy fulfilled that brief very well indeed. She understood our requirements incredibly well and delivered more quality CVs than we ever hoped to receive. Lucy was always a pleasure to deal with and the service she provided exceeded our expectations. Lucy, thank you for your support – we are delighted with the outcome!”
Sandra, Executive Search.
“Bianca, Thank you for your time today, you are probably the best recruitment consultant I have ever been interviewed by!”
“I have to say you were one of the few agencies who actually made me feel valued as a candidate. Thank you so much for the great service and advice during my search. Many thanks”
“I just thought I drop you a line and let you know that I am settled in my new role now, and I wanted to say THANK YOU again for all your help and support from our first meeting, right through my interviews and finally accepting the offer for a new exciting role. Your incredible knowledge of what you do made it very easy and straight-forward in finding me the right role.”

What a great recruitment firm! It was a pleasure working with you. I would recommend C&C Search to anyone looking for a new position.

Huge thank you again!

Wishing you all Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2016!

“Dear Brittany, I wanted to put in writing my sincere appreciation and thanks for all your time and effort trying to find me that perfect job. With the admin market being so fast paced, many of us candidates sign up with a number of agencies in order to find our dream job and I can safely say that you have been, by far, one of the most impressive consultants I have had the pleasure to work with. Your enthusiasm, professionalism and friendliness is exceptional and you always made me feel like I was a top priority. Believe me when I say that there are a number of agencies out there who would do well to ‘listen and learn’ the C&C Search way. I am only sorry that my placement was not via C&C Search, but please know that should this role not work out, or I need to find additional assistants in my new role, I will definitely be in touch with you. All the very best to you and C&C Search – it’s been a real pleasure.”
“C&C Search is a lovely team with a professional but fresh approach to recruitment. After joining many recruitment companies in the city, C&C stood out above them all. They had a great understanding of my requirements in my new job search and I was out to interviews immediately! I would highly recommend Jodi and Lucy to anyone who is looking for a new role.”
Danielle Cobbing
“Thank you both so much for my gift! It’s very sweet of you, and like pretty much every woman in the world a candle is a lovely choice – especially for me to light whilst having a bath and an early night, and getting used to my early starts!! Thanks for all your help Lucy, it has been a pleasure working with you and thank you for getting me a job that I am truly enjoying! Have great evenings both! Just a forewarning, I will be putting my younger sister in contact with you towards the second half of next year when she graduates (hopefully!) and see if you can assist her too!”
“I first made contact with the C&C Team during the Christmas period 2014. In the few months we have been working together (Lucy has filled all three of the roles we have placed with her!) we have had an incredibly positive experience. The candidates we spot on, thoroughly briefed and had acute knowledge and insight into the business, role and line manager. The team had gone beyond in terms of the time they had invested with both the candidates and had visited us with each role to meet with line. The team are exceptionally efficient; will bend over backwards to help out wherever possible and best of all, it is always with a smile. The standards couldn’t be faulted. We hope to remain a loyal client for many years to come!”
Susan, HR Director, Asset Management.
“I would say Lucy was very thorough when listening to my requirements for my next position. She was attentive and kept me in the loop with how my job applications were going. She was always honest and gave me feedback and advice. Most of all she believed in me and got me into an amazing job which I would never have been put forward for by other agencies. Sometimes all you need is someone to believe in you and put you out there.. thankfully Lucy did and now I am finally in a job where I am challenged and feel settled. Lucy went the extra mile and even provided training to give me more confidence for my new position which I felt added to whole experience. Overall thank you, I would not have got where I am if it wasn’t for you!! I guess as a recruiter you never really hear how things have impacted an individuals life. Most recruiter’s use to just shove me as a team assistant because I am a bit younger than most PAs but this wasn’t challenging enough or of interest to me, but thankfully you had a little bit of faith in me which really made the difference. Sadly it’s only a maternity cover … so I guess I will be coming back in April/May next year but I am sure you will be able to find me the next job! Thank you!”
“I’m often asked to recommend recruitment agencies by people in my network and you’re my top pick, I rave about C&C as the service you provide is exceptional. You actually listened, you responded and you were creative – what a rare and wonderful thing!”
“I would recommend C&C Search to anyone looking for a new role. Lucy and Brittany were very helpful and proactive. I was well informed about every role I was put forward for and kept me in the loop all the time during different stages of my interviews. Many thanks for your help, Ladies!”
“I have known Lucy for 12 years when she recruited me. Since then, my Recruiter of preference is always Lucy. She understands out company culture and values and never fails us in presenting her short list of candidates. She is incredible professional, always giving 100% of herself in focusing on finding us the right candidate. I cannot sing her praises more highly.”
Heather, HR
“Hi Lucy, I just wanted to drop you a line to say that I met with Becky last week and I thoroughly enjoyed our chat. She made me really question what I wanted out of my next job and asked much more in depth questions than anyone else I’ve met with regarding my job search. In short, I felt like a person and not a potential commission which was hugely refreshing.”
“Hi Brittany, Just wanted to drop you a quick email to say thank you so much for all your help in finding me this role, I am really enjoying it so far, everyone is so lovely its almost scary! Settling in well, and really happy to be here. Thank you again, will definitely recommend you to anyone.”
“Dear Jodi, Brittany and the team at C&C Search. I would like to sincerely thank you for helping find a job in the UK. I truly appreciate your tireless efforts organising interviews for me to attend and for your support during this process. I found everyone at C&C extremely professional, hardworking and friendly. I will definitely recommend you to anyone I know. Thank you again.”
“C&C Search have been consistently proactive and positive in their approach, from my first contact with them right through to starting my new role. The advice and guidance I have been given has been excellent, as has the quality of role I have been put forward for. They are a thoroughly professional team and always friendly and helpful. I wouldn’t hesitate to wholeheartedly recommend them and would encourage other agencies to follow their lead; this is how recruitment should be done. I’m very much looking forward to starting my new role tomorrow, thank you again!”
“Thank you very much and again, it’s been a wonderful experience working with you through this whole process. And a huge thank you to everyone at C&C. I will definitely be recommending you to all my friends and associates.”
“I met with a few members of your team on Monday and I wanted to thank you for creating a recruitment company who listens! You should be incredibly proud of your team. They completely made me feel value after an extremely awful stint at my previous company. I will be recommending you to everyone!”
Krissy M
“I wanted to thank you so much for all of your help and support to date and also for having so much faith in me and my ability – I know we didn’t find a role together, but I always trusted that and knew that you were only interested in finding the right role and not just any one! I really hope that if I ever find myself looking for another role (hopefully not anytime soon!) we can work together again.”
“From my first meeting with Bianca I found her to be warm, gracious, approachable, highly professional, meticulous and thorough, and always responsive even at the end of a working day. When looking for employment, she always keeps me on her radar and never lets me fall through the cracks. Bianca’s commitment and tenacity including her genuine concern for candidates is far superior to many other recruitment agencies which keeps me coming back to C&C. As a candidate and having dealt with many other recruitment agencies, I can honestly say Bianca has never made me feel like an inconvenience or just a registration number who is then completely forgotten about, which sadly is very common and appears to be the norm elsewhere. Bianca is an outstanding consultant, an absolute pleasure to work with and without hesitation comes highly recommended to any candidate. Without a doubt, the recruitment industry needs more diamonds like Bianca.”
M. Frazier
I would like to say a short Thank You as I have dealt with a number of Recruitment Agencies and you are by far the best to liaise with.

C&C are professional, courteous and send candidates that are most suitable. We have received so many CV’s for people who are not appropriate for the role and C&C have truly listened to the requirements and have only sent candidates who are best placed for the role.
Brittany has been superb and she gets the perfect balance of following up and providing a fantastic level of service but without being pushy or exasperating……very hard to achieve and both Brittany and C&C get this spot on.

I just wanted to say a MASSIVE thank you for my brownies! It was a real surprise and it has made the whole office jealous haha (although I did have to share!)

I really appreciate it and Bianca has been by far the best agency and consultant I’ve ever had!!

Thank you very much for the brownies you sent, which have just arrived.

They have been shared around the office and we all agree they are possibly the best brownies anyone has tasted! And they couldn’t have arrived at a better time – I have had printer issues all morning and needed a pick me up!

Thank you again, for all your support, I do appreciate it.

… the BROWNIES are out of the world!! Thank you so much! They have been devoured by the gannets, but I managed to squirrel one away to have with my morning coffee!
What a decedent way to start a Friday!
Thanks so much for your email and I would highly recommend C&C Search to anyone who was looking for a similar role.

I really appreciate all the efforts on my behalf and I felt that both Jasmine and Jodi took the time to get to know me as a person and really understood what I was looking for in a role.