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Meet the Reset Retreat Instructors - Eva Lai

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Meet the Reset Retreat Instructors - Eva Lai

​​If the last couple of years have taught us anything, it's that looking after ourselves is important, emotionally, physically and mentally. Now that most of us are working at least 50:50 in the office vs at home, and that going out and meeting friends and family is now a ‘thing’ again, life has become hectic as we attempt to go back to normal life.

We’ve all had to navigate an enormous amount of change, and after time, it can take its toll. That’s why, after two sell-out in-person retreats, we wanted to go even further for our next retreat in September which we’ll be hosting at the incredible Goodenough Hotel. Tucked away on Mecklenburgh Square in Bloomsbury, the Goodenough Hotel is beautifully tranquil, making it perfect for a day of empowerment, connection and relaxation.

We’ve got four amazing workshops lined up for you:

  • Finding Your Voice - Discover new ways to speak up, own your voice and express yourself with confidence, authority and authenticity.

  • Impactful Networking and Powerful Partnerships - Build confidence, overcome fears and thrive working with people.

  • Networking - Your journey to growing your network starts here with a short, informal networking session with your fellow attendees.

  • Deep Relaxation - Wind down with a Yin Yoga session (no experience needed!) accompanied by a soothing sound bath.

Who are the instructors?

We can’t wait for you to meet our amazing instructors (if you’ve been to one of our retreats before, you’ll know just how great they are!) but as it’s a little while until September, let us introduce you to Eva Lai from Zense Space. Eva has held workshops with us before, and was with us back in February this year at our last retreat.

Meet Eva Lai
Eva Lai

Tell us about yourself and what you’ll be doing at the retreat?

I’m a certified Yogi, artist and self-love healing coach based in London. I founded Zense Space Art Healing, a multifaceted arts and wellness company focused on creativity and play, where I coach 1:1 and do group workshops. I’m also the author of “The Art Healing Playbook of Self-Love,” an interactive self-help book written to help people discover who they really are, solve problems and create the life they want.

​For September’s Reset Retreat, I’m going to be leading an art healing workshop on how to discover, meet and accept your authentic self, and how you can use that power to be happier in your life.

This year’s themes are empowerment, connection and intention setting, how does your session fit into this?

Being your true authentic self is something that we all struggle with at times, but we shouldn’t! We all have amazing talents and powerful personalities that we should be connected to and use to empower ourselves and others. My workshop is designed to do just that - connecting you to your true self helps and building meaningful connections.

What is your superpower?

Creativity is my most powerful tool, and it’s yours too. I want to help everyone I work with to unlock and reclaim this innate power, and come home to that inner child who has been longing for joy and healing!

Why should people attend the retreat?

What is more important than a day of soul nourishment and connecting with a sisterhood of the loveliest people?! Inner work and realigning your energy is the most important and productive thing you can do for yourself. I promise anyone reading this, that when all is right internally, all will be right externally!

Look out for our next Meet the Reset Retreat Instructors blog, where we’ll be speaking with Suzane Pai, a holistic wellness practitioner who focuses on yoga, massage and sound healing.

Book your ticket now on the C&C Academy website and spend an empowering and transformative day with a group of incredible women.