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​Specialist Private PA Search and Recruitment at C&C Search

Our Private PA specialist recruiters have all previously been Private PAs for UHNWI or PAs in Family Offices; as a result of their background they deeply understand the level of skill and resourcefulness required to deliver as a Private PA. We further support the Private PAs, EAs that we place through our Ultra High Network events and resources designed specifically for Private and Family office PAs and EAs.

At C&C Search, our passion lies in making a positive impact on the lives of individuals and organisations alike. We are excited to extend our exceptional offerings by connecting top-tier Private PAs and EAs with private individuals, family offices and households.

In today's fast-paced and demanding world, Private PAs and EAs play a pivotal role in managing the personal and professional affairs of individuals and families. With busy lifestyles and complex schedules, the need for skilled and reliable private PAs has never been greater. However, finding outstanding Private PA talent in a competitive market can be a daunting task. We have an incredible network that we have built up and keen to share this with you.

What makes our Private PA offering unique?

✔️ Each Private PA undergoes a comprehensive 45-minute behavioural interview with a specialist recruiter. This ensures that we present you with the most qualified and suitable Private PAs who will seamlessly integrate into your lifestyle
✔️ All our Private PAs and EAs are offered a membership to our Ultra High Network
✔️ All our Private PAs and EAs that we place receive a 12 month aftercare programme
✔️ Our network of Private PAs are mostly exclusively registered with C&C Search
✔️ We are part of many exclusive family office and UHNWI networks enhancing our expertise
✔️ Confidentiality at the core of our how we operate
✔️ Personal development training specifically designed for Private PAs and EAs including advanced workshops, webinars and the famous development academy
✔️ We are B Corp and W Corp certified

Why partner with our C&C Private PA specialists?

When you choose to partner with our C&C Private PA specialists, you gain more than a recruitment service provider – you gain a trusted Private and Family Office PA hiring specialist who deeply understands the unique value that Private PAs bring to your life. We are dedicated to sourcing exceptional Private PA talent who perfectly align with your specific vision, values and lifestyle requirements.

We have successfully partnered with discerning clients, assisting them in finding Private PAs who possess the necessary skills, discretion and adaptability to thrive in their unique environments. We understand that each client and candidate is unique and we invest time and effort to build strong relationships based on trust and understanding throughout the recruitment process.

Whether you are an individual seeking the perfect Private PA to manage your personal and professional affairs, or a private household looking for a trusted and skilled Private PA, we are here to help.

What we promise to deliver:

At C&C Search, we are passionate about our work and derive immense satisfaction from empowering the lives of our clients and candidates. When you partner with one of our experienced consultants, we provide industry-specific knowledge, personalised guidance and unwavering support throughout the recruitment journey. Our approach is rooted in honesty, integrity, commitment, resourcefulness and a genuine desire to make a positive impact on your life.

Example Private PA roles we recruit for:

Private PA / EA

Travelling PA / EA

Private PA / House Manager

Private PA / Nanny

Business / Private PA

Office support staff withing Family Offices

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Anna Fiddes-Barwick

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