Mikaela is our token Kiwi recruiter at C&C Search! She comes to us all the way from New Zealand with an energy and passion for working with people, building relationships and finding solutions. Mikaela specialises in HR & Talent positions, partnering with SMEs and large organisations in financial services, professional services and technology sectors.

Career Background

Upon graduating from university with her Psychology degree, Mikaela has worked in established NZ and global agencies, and has recruited a variety of office roles across multiple industries over her career. She has come to recruit within her most specialised area, being HR & Talent, where she adores building long relationships and supporting HR & Talent professionals who are pivotal to high-performing businesses.


Mikaela is an avid traveller, having recently taken a career break before settling in the UK, she travelled across 4 continents visiting over 35 countries with her partner. She has a love for health and fitness, was a group fitness instructor back in NZ and holds a degree in Human Nutrition.

Top Tip

Be your authentic self in an interview. When trying to pull off a "perfect" interview, we sometime fail to give hiring managers what they really want to see, which is a glimpse of our true personality! - Prepare, but don't over-rehearse, focus on why the opportunity sparks excitement for you, and don't pretend to be perfect! You want to give the hiring manager a sense of what it could be like to work with you and vice versa.