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All-New Advanced Interviewer's Masterclass

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12 June 2024 13:00-14:00 VirtualRegister for Event
​All-New Advanced Interviewer's Masterclass

The Advanced Interviewer's Masterclass has had a makeover for 2024! Designed specifically for those responsible for conducting interviews.

We are hosting a new masterclass, and we would love to see you there.

Join us for the all-new complimentary Advanced Interviewer’s Masterclass designed to take all those conducting interviews from good to great, HR, People and Talent and Line Managers are warmly invited.

Join us for this complimentary event where our founder shares how to interview candidates effectively and take yourself from a 30% success rate to a 90% success rate!

This Interviewer’s Masterclass that has been designed specifically for those responsible for conducting interviews and is based on the latest research and theories. Lucy regularly consults with business all over Europe on their hiring process and is thrilled to share the results with you.

You will take away:

  • The latest data and trends

  • What a gold standard interview process looks like

  • Understand how to conduct a high impact, highly successful structured interview

  • How to interview for performance and value-add

  • Create a new and improved interview process that will deliver competitive advantage, greater retention and stronger culture.

"I attended a really interesting Interviewer's Masterclass this morning, delivered by Lucy Chamberlain of C&C Search. I found the content incredibly useful and I think it would have huge relevance to our Forum. For example, I have come away from the session informed of how to structure interviews, aware of some of the legal implications related to interviewing, and equipped with some sample questions to get me started.

Lucy is exceptionally well informed on the subject of interviewing and delivered the session in a manner that was accessible, interesting, and dare I say it, fun."

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