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​Turning Setbacks Into Success

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​Turning Setbacks Into Success

As the founder of London’s premier boutique EA/PA, HR, and Business support recruitment agency ‘C&C Search’. I’ve had the privilege of interacting with thousands of candidates and clients throughout my career. My focus has always been on mindset mastery, driven by a mission to unleash untapped potential.

In today’s dynamic economic climate, organisations face constant change, restructuring, and the need to adapt swiftly. Clients and candidates alike grapple with the impact of redundancy, prolonged job searches, and organisational shifts. As someone who has weathered setbacks firsthand, I understand the importance of resilience and effective coping strategies.

So, how do we turn our setbacks into successes? Read on for a few helpful tips for pushing past obstacles that have worked well for many of my PA/EA, HR and C-Suite coaching clients. I would love for you to share with me what works for you.

Create a setback and breakthrough journal

Maybe you didn’t get the promotion you wanted, or you have been interviewing for a job you desperately wanted but didn’t secure. These experiences were probably painful, but looking at the work you’ve put in will help you to appreciate your effort. Documenting all the efforts that you have made, what you have learnt and what actions you are going to take as a result, can also help you see challenges as part of the process of creating successful outcomes. We start to feel more capable and in control and able to see a way through. ​

Change the win-lose language

Rather than focusing on winning or success as an outcome, shift your thinking to celebrate the process of getting to where you are and where you are going. Celebrate the effort, energy, motivation, creativity, and resourcefulness you demonstrated. Make it an intention to notice three things a day you have done well no matter how big or small.

Share your setbacks in real time

When we share and hear stories our brain releases dopamine and oxytocin which allow us to connect and empathise with others. This vulnerability creates connection, allows for learning and helps us embrace and own our setbacks and use them in a way that helps others — while also breaking the shame cycle which keeps us stuck.

All of my setbacks have been information that has proved invaluable, some setbacks are lessons that teach us what we don’t want, or how not to approach a situation. From divorce to health, children and business challenges I have learned that sometimes success looks like simply to keep showing up and seeing things through no matter how challenging. When we work on reframing how we see challenges, we turn a setback into success. By pulling out the informative pieces of it, we build resilience for every future experience — setting the stage for future success!

Sending love and all best wishes,

Lucy ​

C&C search is London’s leading boutique EA/PA, HR and business support recruitment agency.

​​Lucy is an international speaker, trainer coach, UN Women Delegate and W Corp Ambassador.

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