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The Power of Embracing an Executive Assistant Career

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The Power of Embracing an Executive Assistant Career: Why It's a Brilliant Choice

Having interviewed and trained tens of thousands of EAs over 26 years, I've developed a profound admiration for the role and the incredible impact EAs have within their organisations.

While the title may not always sound as glamorous as CEO or CFO, being an EA offers a wealth of opportunities, challenges, and rewards for those with the right skills and mindset.

The Epicenter of Operations

As an Executive Assistant, you’re far from being a mere supporting character. In fact, you’re the person that guarantees smooth operations. From synchronising schedules and organising meetings to overseeing communications and meeting deadlines, Executive Assistants provide the backbone for an executive team.

This level of responsibility instills a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction, as you realise that your contributions directly impact the company’s success.

Insight and Exposure

Being an EA provides unparalleled exposure to an organisation's inner workings. You're privy to high-level meetings, strategic discussions, and decision-making processes that many others never get to experience. This exposure not only broadens your knowledge base but also offers invaluable insights into how businesses operate at the highest levels. It's like getting a crash course in leadership and management every day if you choose to lean into it.

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Personal and Professional Growth

One of the most compelling aspects of being an EA is the opportunity for personal and professional growth. In this role, you're constantly challenged to adapt, problem-solve, and multitask in high-pressure environments. You learn to think on your feet, communicate effectively with diverse stakeholders, and juggle competing priorities with grace and efficiency. These skills are not only essential for success as an EA but also highly transferable to other roles and industries.

Building Relationships and Networks

The relationships you build as an EA can open doors to endless possibilities. Whether it's networking with executives, collaborating with colleagues across departments, or liaising with external partners and clients, you have the chance to cultivate a vast professional network that can serve you well throughout your career.

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Insights from Industry Professionals

Here are insights from Abi, Natalie, Tracy, and Hayley, seasoned professionals in the EA field:

Abi Turner, Managing Executive Assistant at Tide:

  • Most rewarding aspect:"The most rewarding aspect of an EA career lies in the profound impact an executive assistant can have on the efficiency and success of their organisation."

  • Advice for newcomers:"Cultivate adaptability and resilience. The nature of the role demands flexibility in handling various tasks and situations, often with shifting priorities and tight deadlines."

  • Important skill:"Being an incredibly strong generalist, a broad bandwidth, and the ability to jump from task to task with ease."

Natalie Richardson, Business Support Manager at LSBU:

  • Most rewarding aspect:"Knowing at the end of the day you have carried out tasks that assist in contributing to a business is rewarding."

  • Advice for newcomers:"If you like the idea of a job with service, this is all about making someone else’s life easier and helping others."

  • Important skill:"Resilience and a sense of humour."

Tracy Paton, EA to CEO at Aston Martin Lagonda:

  • Most rewarding aspect:"Being able to make someone else’s (your boss’s) life easier."

  • Advice for newcomers:"Stick with it and never stop believing in yourself!"

  • Important skill:"Resilience and a sense of humour."

Hayley Cole, Executive Administrative Professional:

  • Most rewarding aspect:"Execution of a strategy, processes, or task. As EAs, we are asked to get involved in an array of projects and tasks."

  • Advice for newcomers:"Choose an industry you have a genuine interest in, and you will thrive."

  • Important skill:"Communication, especially listening and hearing what is really being said."


Choosing a career as an Executive Assistant is not just a good option; it's a great one. It offers a unique blend of responsibility, exposure, and growth opportunities that few other roles can match. If you thrive in fast-paced environments, enjoy working with people, and are eager to make a meaningful impact, consider embarking on the rewarding journey of being an EA. Trust me; you won't regret it.

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