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Meet the Reset Retreat Instructors - Suzane Pai

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​Meet the Reset Retreat Instructors: Suzane Pai

In the second instalment of our Meet the Reset Retreat Instructors, we talked with Suzane Pai, a multitalented, certified healing practitioner. Suzane was at our Reset Retreat in February 2022, and we can say first-hand just how relaxing and soothing her sound baths are!

Without further ado, meet Suzane!

Meet Suzane Pai

Suzane Pai

Tell us about yourself and what you’ll be doing at the retreat

I’m Suzane Pai, I am a certified and qualified energy healing practitioner (certified via Access Consciousness), holistic and deep healing masseuse, sound healing facilitator, yoga instructor for cancer survivors and a yoga psychology counsellor.

My journey into wellbeing started in 2016 as I was looking for alternative holistic ways to heal my trauma of rejection and separation. I want to share everything that helped me in my own journey with anyone who might benefit from new ways of healing.

​I believe in creating a safe and sacred place for healing and relaxation to take place. I will support the group to enjoy a beautiful and calm meditative experience through sound healing using different instruments like the gong, crystal bowls, drums, chimes, rain stick and bells. All of these instruments help facilitate deep cellular healing, raise your inner vibrations and help you break the barriers of limiting thoughts and habits.

This year’s themes are Empowerment, Connection and Intention Setting, how does your session fit this?

Sound baths are a very powerful way to help you improve your mental, emotional, and physical health. The transmission of vibrations created in a sound bath not only help to regulate your nervous system, but also cleanses and balances your aura. All this generates stillness and harmony allows you to access a higher perspective and tap into new possibilities.

This state of balanced awareness helps you to start your journey of self-empowerment, building deeper connections within yourself and with those around you . A quiet and content mind will help you focus on your intentions to create a blissful life and not stuck in past trauma.

What is your superpower?

My superpower is my ability to connect with empathy and have an attitude of resilience in every situation of life.

Why should people attend?

Life is constantly throwing us into situations where we only live to survive. This Reset Retreat will allow you to pause, breathe and connect to yourself and to listen to, and feel your inner child who wants to play and enjoy life - not just survive!

Who else will be at our retreat?

Eva Lai from Zense Space will also be joining us leading an art healing workshop. Plus, registered yoga instructor and CIMSPA member, Charlotte Wise, will be holding a Yin Yoga session, and C&C Founder and accredited ICF Coach, Lucy Chamberlain will be conducting a special workshop. Watch this space for our upcoming blogs with Charlotte and Lucy!

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